What can Duncan add to your event?

1. Fun and Laughter - Duncan's Magic is the perfect ice breaker and turns a lulled moment to an astounding experience ensuring your event is a roaring success!

2. Astonishment - your guests will be actively involved in the creation of a series of unbeleivable mini-miracles presented in an entertaining style.

3. Lasting Memories - your guests will be talking about your event for years to come!

How will he do this?

The magic that Duncan performs is a fun array of sleight of hand and psychological effects with a strong emphasis on the involvement of your guests throughout which ensures a lively and friendly atmosphere. It is clean, family friendly fun.

Duncan specialises in Close-up Magic - the equivalent of a mobile magic show which is performed to small groups of people utilising coins, cards, rope, elastic bands, fruit, your guests minds and more!

Your guests will be actively involved in every magic routine from objects changing/appearing/disappearing in their hands to harnessing their own (previously unknown) magical abilities. This is all wrapped in a light-hearted, fun and astonishing package - guaranteed to leave lasting memories for your guests!

It is highly versatile and takes the performance to your guests where they can enjoy magic right in front of their eyes. Duncan can entertain your guests with:

  • - Table Magic in between courses at your meal,
  • - Strolling Magic / walkabout magic in a bar or garden area,
  • - A parlour show in your home for a small party,
  • - Something else in mind? Contact Duncan to discuss ideas!

Take a look around the website to get some ideas on how Duncan can assist you. If you have any questions or ideas, would like to discuss different options or would like a no-obligation quote; contact Duncan using the details below.

Where does Duncan travel?

Duncan is based in the centre of Devon in the South West of the UK and the nature of the profession includes travelling far and wide. Duncan can travel to your location - wherever it may be.

Recently Duncan has performed in areas from Cornwall to Hampshire to Gloucester and Wiltshire, including Cheltenham, Somerset, Gwynedd, Glamorgan / Morgannwg, Truro, Plymouth, Exeter, Worle, Bristol, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight, Winchester, Southampton, Salisbury, Bournemouth, Totnes, Tiverton, Exmouth...

When is Duncan available?

Duncan deals with bookings from 2 days to two years in advance - contact him to check availability for your date.



"That was amazing! I'm so glad we hired you - you made the night!"

- Matthew B, Exeter
devon wedding magician devon



E: mail@duncansmagic.com T: 07501 340606